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/-bid/ final

pull it, use the hands on it
agwaabidoon vti2 pull it ashore, off the water, off the fire
andobidoon vti2 reach for, feel for it
ashidaakobidoon vti2 push it against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
azhebidoon vti2 pull it back
aabibidoon vti2 unravel it; rip it open
aabiskobidoon vti2 untie it; unravel it
aaboojibizh vta turn h/ inside out (with hands)
aatawebidoon vti2 turn it (a stove or a light) off
aatebidoon vti2 turn it out (to extinguish it)
badakibidoon vti2 hook, snag it
bakibidoon vti2 break or snap it (string-like) (with hands)
bakwajibidoon vti2 pull it out or off of something; pick, pluck, snatch it
bakwebidoon vti2 tear a piece off of it
banaajibidoon vti2 spoil, ruin, damage it (with hands)
basweweyaabiigibidoon vti2 play, strum it so it echoes (as an electric guitar)
bashkobidoon vti2 clear it off (with hands), weed it; pick, pluck, snatch it
bashkwashkibidoon vti2 pluck it (as a plant); weed it
baakaakobidoon vti2 push it (stick-like or wooden) open; pull it (stick-like or wooden) open
baakibidoon vti2 pull it (stick-like or wooden) open; uncover it (by pulling)
baakiigibidoon vti2 pull it (sheet-like) open
baapaazagobidoon vti keep scratching it
baasibidoon vti2 crack or shatter it (with hands)
baashkijiibidoon vti2 squash and burst i(some bag-like) t with hands
baazagobidoon vti2 scratch it
baazhijibidoon vti2 pull it over something
bigishkibidoon vti2 tear it to pieces, crush it up (with the hands)
binibidoon vti2 pull or push it down (from its position above)
biskanebidoon vti2 switch it on
biskibidoon vti2 bend it over, fold it (with hands)
bishaganagekobidoon vti2 peel bark off it with the hands
bishagaakobidoon vti peel the bark off it (by hand)
bishagibidoon vti2 peel it (with hands)
bishigobidoon vti2 miss grabbing or catching it
biigobidoon vti2 rip, tear it up
biigwakamigibidoon vti2 break it up (as ground); plow it
biimaskobidoon vti2 twist it, turn it around (with the hands)
biindaabikibidoon vti shift it (a car)
biisibidoon vti2 break it into small pieces with hands; crumble it
biitoobidoon vti2 split it into layers with hands
biitwanagekobidoon vti2 peel a layer of bark off it
bookobidoon vti2 break it in two (with hands)
bookojiibidoon vti2 break, tear it (body or something bag-like) in two
boozibidoon vti2 pull it aboard
bwaawibidoon vti2 have trouble pulling it; be unable to pull it
dawaagonebidoon vti2 push snow off it, plow snow off it
dawibidoon vti2 pull it apart to form a gap
dazhobidoon vti2 spread it out flat (with hands)
daashkibidoon vti2 split it lengthwise (with hands), tear it apart
daashkigibidoon vti2 split it (wood) with hands
daashkiigibidoon vti2 split, rip it (sheet-like)
debibidoon vti2 grab, catch, reach and take, get hold of it
diitibibidoon vti2 knock it down off something (with hands)
dookaabiigibidoon vti2 jerk, tug it (string-like) (with hands)
dookibidoon vti2 poke, jab it
gagwejibidoon vti2 test it with the hands, test it by pulling on it
ganakibidoon vti2 [S] grab some of it, grab a handful of it
ganikibidoon vti2 [BL] grab some of it, grab a handful of it
gawibidoon vti2 pull it over or down
gaaskibidoon vti2 make a rustling noise pulling on it
gaashkaabikibidoon vti2 scrape it off something metal with hands
gaashkibidoon vti2 scratch it with hands
gibaabikibidoon vti2 latch it
gibaakobidoon vti2
  1. pull it shut (as something stick- or wood-like)
  2. can it
gibaakobizh vta pull h/ shut; can h/
giboobidoon vti2 pull it shut; zip it up
gidashkibidoon vti2 remove the husk of it (wild rice) by hand
gidiskibidoon vti2 [S] pull it free, disconnect it (with hands)
gijibidoon vti2 pull it off, remove it with hands
gijiigibidoon vti2 pull it (sheet-like) off
gizhiiwewebidoon vti2 turn it up so it is louder
giichigobidoon vti2 pull it off
giishkibidoon vti2 tear it off
gojibidoon vti2 try, test it out with hands
gwayakobidoon vti2 pull, tear it straight
gwekibidoon vti2 turn it (with the hands)
ikobidoon vti2 pull it out of the way, pull it up
ishpaabiigibidoon vti2 pull it up high on a rope, hoist it up high
izhiigibidoon vti2 tear it (sheet-like) a certain way
jekibidoon vti2 pull it partway up on or into something
jiibwaabiigibidoon vti2 make it (string-like) pointed (with the hands)
jiishibidoon vti2 strip it off the with hands
madwebidoon vti2 make noise pulling or ripping it
madweyaabiigibidoon vti2 strum, play it (a guitar)
mamaajibidoon vti2 pull or push it and start it moving
mamibidoon vti2 pick, pluck, snatch it
mamigobidoon vti2 [N] rub it (with the hands) to loosen it, jiggle it
manibidoon vti2 pick, pluck, snatch it
mayaawibidoon vti2 pull it up straight
maagobidoon vti2 press, squeeze, or wring it to get liquid out
maagojiibidoon vti2 squeeze it (something soft and hollow or belly-like)
meshkojibidoon vti2 change, switch it (with the hands)
mikobidoon vti2 find it with hands
mikoobiigibidoon vti2 feel for it in the water, find it in the water (with the hands)
miinobidoon vti2 straighten it (with hands)
mookaagonebidoon vti2 pull it up out of the snow
mookibidoon vti2 pull it out from somewhere, pull it to the surface
mookibiibidoon vti2 pull it up to surface of the water
nagajibidoon vti2 be used to handling it
nakwebidoon vti2 catch it
nandobidoon vti2 search, feel for it with the hands
nawajibidoon vti2 grab, seize it
naanigibidoon vti2 rip, tear it up
naazhibidoon vti2 pull it down; tear it down; unzip it
ningwakamigibidoon vti2 cover it over with earth (using the hands)
niisibidoon vti2 pull it down, tear it down
noogibidoon vti2 stop it (with the hands)
nookaagibidoon vti2 soften it by bending it (with the hands)
nookibidoon vti2 soften it by working it (with the hands)
ojibidoon vti2 draw it close, pull it out or down towards you
ojibobidoon vti2 pull it into a pucker
ombibidoon vti2 pull it upwards
onaagibidoon vti2 bend it to into shape
onjibidoon vti2 pull it from a certain place, pull a piece of it from something
ozhaashibidoon vti2 have it slip from grasp
ozhibidoon vti2 shape it by pulling or pushing with hands
waagibidoon vti2 bend it (with hands)
waakaayaagibidoon vti2 bend it around something (with the hands)
waakaayaakobidoon vti2 fence it, fence it in
waazakonebidoon vti2 turn it on for a light
wiikobidoon vti2 pull it
wiikwaabiigibidoon vti2 pull it on a line or as a line
wiinibidoon vti2 dirty it by handling
zaswebidoon vti2 scatter it (with hands)
zaagijibidoon vti2 pull it out
zinigobidoon vti2 rub, massage it with something
zhishigobidoon vti2 crush it (with hands)
zhiibiigibidoon vti2 stretch it (by pulling)
ziikoobiigibidoon vti2 strip it dry (with hands)
ziinibidoon vti2 press, squeeze, or wring it to get liquid out