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/bashkw-/ initial

cleared off, miss, fall short, fade
see also: bishkw=
bashkobidoon vti2 clear it off (with hands), weed it; pick, pluck, snatch it
bashkobizh vta clear it (animate) off (with hands); pluck it (animate)
bashkobiis vta scald h/ removing hair or feathers
bashkobiisan vti scald it removing hair or feathers
bashkobiisin vii there is only water and sky on horizon, no sight of land
bashkoga'an vti clear it off (with an ax), clearcut it
bashkonaw vta [BL] shoot and miss h/
bashkozhan vti cut it all off; shear, mow it
bashkozi vai s/he, it (animate) is without fur or hair
bashkwada' vta weed h/ using a hoe
bashkwada'an vti clear it off, weed it (using something like a hoe)
bashkwadinaa vii it is a hill bare of trees
bashkwadowe vai it (animate) is bare of fur
bashkwakamigaa vii it is bare ground (cleared of vegetation)
bashkwanige vai s/he is toothless
bashkwashkibidoon vti2 pluck it (as a plant); weed it
bashkwaa vii it is bare, is cleared
bashkwaandagaa vii it is bare of boughs
bashkwaandagizi vai it (animate) is bare of boughs
bashkwegin ni leather; hide