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/banaad-/ initial

banaaj , banaaz
banaadad vii it is spoiled, is ruined, is destroyed
banaadaagamisin vii it (a liquid) spoils, is spoiled, is ruined
banaadendam vai2 s/he is discouraged, is in despair, thinks things hopeless
banaadendan vti be discouraged about it, be in despair about it, think it is hopeless
banaadenim vta despair of h/; lose hope in h/
banaadizi vai
  1. it (animate) is spoiled, is ruined
  2. s/he dies, is dead
banaajibidoon vti2 spoil, ruin, damage it (with hands)
banaajibizh vta spoil, ruin, damage h/ (with hands)
banaajiboode vii it is ruined by being cut wrong with a saw
banaaji' vta spoil, ruin, damage h/
banaajisin vii it spoils
banaajishin vai s/he spoils
banaajitoon vti2 spoil, ruin, destroy it