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/bagam-/ initial

bagamademo vai s/he arrives crying
bagama'adoo vai s/he arrives walking on the road or trail
bagama'amaazo vai s/he arrives singing
bagama'oodoon vti2 arrive transporting it (especially by boat)
bagamakwazhiwe vai sh/e arrives paddling; s/he arrives swimming (as fish)
bagamanaandam vai2 s/he arrives hungry
bagamaabate vii it (smoke, an aroma) arrives
bagamaabaagwe vai s/he arrives thirsty
bagamaadagaa vai s/he arrives swimming
bagamaadagaako vai s/he arrives on the ice
bagamaadagaazii vai s/he arrives wading
bagamaadage vai [BL] s/he arrives swimming
bagamaada'e vai ss/he arrives skating
bagamaagimose vai [BL] s/he arrives snowshoeing, gets somewhere snowshoeing
bagamaagonagii vai s/he arrives coming through the snow
bagamaa'an vii it arrives drifting on the waves
bagamaa'ogo vai s/he arrives drifting on the waves
bagamaajim vta have news of h/ arrive
bagamaajimo vai s/he arrives with news
bagamaakwii vai s/he arrives holding on (to something stick-like such as a railing or a handle)
bagamaamo vai s/he arrives in flight seeking refuge
bagamaanagidoon vai [S] s/he arrives talking
bagamaanike vai s/he arrives, gets to a place by digging
bagamaanimad vii there is a gust of wind
bagamaanimizi vai s/he arrives in fear
bagamaapi vai s/he arrives laughing
bagamaapine vai s/he arrives sick
bagamaasin vii it is blown in (by the wind), sails, soars in; it arrives by air
bagamaashi vai s/he is blown in (by the wind); sails, soars in (to a destination); s/he arrives by air
bagamaashkaa vii waves move in, come in
bagami- pv lex arriving
bagamiba'idiwag vai they arrive together running
bagamiba'igo vai s/he arrives riding on a horse, arrives driving (drawn by horse or dog)
bagamiba'iwe vai s/he arrives fleeing from people
bagamibatoo vai s/he arrives running
bagamibide vii it arrives speeding, driving, flying
bagamibizo vai s/he arrives speeding, driving, flying
bagamibii vai s/he arrives drunk
bagamibiisaa vii rain is on the way
bagamibiisaan vii rain is on the way
bagamidaabaadan vti arrive dragging it
bagamidaabaade vii it arrives, gets here pulled, pushed, or dragged (on something)
bagamidaabaazh vta arrive dragging h/
bagamidaabaazo vai s/he or it (animate) arrives, gets here pulled, pushed, or dragged (on something)
bagamidaabii vai s/he arrives pulling or dragging a load
bagamidaabii'iwe vai s/he arrives driving
bagamigidaazo vai s/he arrives angry, arrives mad
bagamigozi vai s/he moves in, arrives with h/ belongings
bagamijiwan vii it arrives flowing, flows in
bagamine vai s/he arrives sick
bagaminizhimo vai s/he arives in flight
bagamipon vii the snow arrives, it starts snowing
bagamise vai s/he arrives flying
bagamise vii it arrives flying
bagamishkaa vai s/he arrives paddling, arrives by boat
bagamiwane vai s/he arrives with pack
bagamiwebinan vti get it there by throwing or shoving
bagamiwidoon vti2 arrive carrying it
bagamiwizh vta arrive carrying h/
bagamiinowag vai they arrive in a group (a swarm, a flock, a school)
bagamiinowag vai they arrive in a group (a swarm, a flock, a school)
bagamose vai s/he arrives walking
bagamoode vai s/he arrives crawling
bagamoom vta arrive carrying h/ on back
bagamoomigo vai s/he arrives on horseback
bagamoondan vti arrive carrying it on back
bagamwewebide vii it can be heard driving in, arriving
bagamwewebizo vai s/he can be heard driving in, arriving
bagamwewetoo vai s/he arrives making noise with something
bagamwewidam vai2 s/he arrives sounding, arrives vocalizing