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/baashk-/ initial

burst, broken open (esp. of three-dimensional objects)
baashkadaawangamon vii it is a dusty road
baashkademo vai s/he bursts into tears
baashka' vta burst h/ (using something)
baashka'an vti burst it (using something)
baashkakwa'am vai2 s/he [a thunderer] makes a thunderclap
baashkam vta bite and burst h/
baashkandan vti bite and burst it
baashkaabigwanii vii it blossoms, blooms
baashkaakondibe' vta
baashkaapi vai s/he bursts out laughing
baashkaawe'am vai2 s/he hatches
baashkaawe'o vai s/he hatches
baashki- pv lex burst, burst out
baashkibizh vta burst h/ with hands
baashkide vii it explodes, blows up; it bursts from heat
baashkigidaazo vai s/he bursts into a sudden rage
baashkijiibidoon vti2 squash and burst i(some bag-like) t with hands
baashkijiide vii it (bag- or belly-like) bursts open, pops open
baashkijiiganaam vta burst h/ stomach open by hitting, burst h/ (something bag-like) by hitting
baashkijiiganaandan vti burst it (something bag-like) by hitting
baashkijii' vta burst h/ open (using something)
baashkijii'an vti burst it open (using something)
baashkijiise vai s/he (something bag-like) bursts
baashkijiise vii it (something bag-like) bursts
baashkijiisidoon vti2 burst it (something bag-like) by dropping it or hitting it against something
baashkijiisin vii it falls and bursts, bursts on impact
baashkijiishim vta burst h/ (something bag-like) by dropping or hitting against
baashkijiishin vai s/he, it (animate) falls and bursts, bursts on impact; s/he has a blow-out
baashkijiishkan vti burst it (with foot or body)
baashkijiishkaw vta burst h/ (with foot or body)
baashkijiizo vai it (animate; bag- or belly-like) bursts open, pops open (from heat)
baashkikaa vii it bursts, ruptures
baashkikaa vai s/he bursts, ruptures
baashkimaagozi vai s/he suddenly gives off a smell
baashkimaagwad vii it suddenly gives off a smell
baashkisidoon vti2 hit or drop and burst it
baashkisin vii it falls and bursts, bursts on impact
baashkishim vta hit or drop h/ and burst h/
baashkishin vai s/he, it (animate) falls and bursts, bursts on impact
baashkiz vta shoot h/
baashkizan vti shoot it
baashkizo vai s/he explodes, blows up; s/he bursts from heat