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/-azh-/ medial

skin, blanket
body part
agwazhe vai s/he is covered with blankets, covers up with blankets
aabitawazhe vai s/he uses half of the blanket
bengwazhe vai s/he has dry skin
biinazhe vai s/he has clean skin
biitawazhe vai s/he has another blanket on
boozazhe vai [BL] s/he oils or greases h/ skin, applies lotion
ginagazhe vai h/ skin itches
gizhiibazhe vai h/ skin itches
giziibiigazhe vai s/he washes up, takes a bath, bathes
makadewazhe vai s/he has dark sklin, black skin
miskwazhe vai s/he has measles
mitaakwazhe vai s/he is naked
nibiiwazhe vai h/ skin is wet
noomazhe vai [RL] s/he applies something oily to the skin: skin cream, lotion, linement
wiinazhe vai s/he has dirty skin, h/ skin is dirty