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/-apiN/ final

tie h/
apin , apizh
agwapizh vta attach h/ by tying on, tie it on
aandapizh vta retie h/; rewrap h/
aapidapizh vta tie h/ securely, tie h/ for good
baapasapizh vta tie, bind h/ tight
bezhigoopizh vta tie, hitch one (animate)
binangwapizh vta tie h/ loosely
bishigwapizh vta miss in trying to tie h/
dagwapizh vta tie h/ with something else
danapizh vta tie h/ at a certain place
dasoopizh vta tie, hitch a certain number of them (animate) together
gashkapizh vta tie h/ shut, tie h/ up in a bundle
gashkiigapizh vta wrap it (animate) up and tie it
gashkiiwiingwepizh vta blindfold h/
geshawapizh vta tie h/ loosely
gibiingwepizh vta blindfold h/
giizhoopizh vta wrap h/ up warm
ikwapizh vta tie h/ up higher, out of the way
inapizh vta tie h/ a certain way
mamaanjigogaadepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ arms
mamaanjigonikepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ arms
mamaanjigozidepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ feet
mamaanjigwapizh vta bind h/ securely; restrain h/ by tying h/
mashkawapizh vta tie h/ tight
maagwapizh vta tie h/ down tight
maanapizh vta tie h/ poorly
midaasoopizh vta tie, hitch ten of them (animate) together
minjimapizh vta tie h/ down
napaadapizh vta tie, harness h/ the wrong way
nishwaasoopizh vta tie, hitch eight of them (animate) together
niizhwaasoopizh vta tie, hitch seven of them (animate) together
okwapizh vta tie h/ in a bunch
onapizh vta tie h/ in place, harnesss h/
zagapizh vta tie on, tow, hitch h/
zhaangasoopizh vta tie, hitch nine of them (animate) together