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/-anokii/ final

s/he works
deverbal; vai
andawanokii vai [C] [N] s/he looks for work, looks for a job
aabidanokii vai s/he continues, works constantly
aandanokii vai s/he changes jobs, gets a new job
babaamanokii vai s/he works around
dananokii vai s/he works in a certain place
gashkanokii vai s/he is able to work
gawanokii vai s/he collapses from overwork
gibitanokii vai s/he stops working
giimoodanokii vai s/he works secretly, works in secret
giishkanokii vai s/he finishes a job, retires from work
gwiinawanokii vai s/he is unable to find work, unable to find a job
inanokii vai s/he works a certain way, does a certain kind of work, has a certain job
mashkawanokii vai s/he works hard, does heavy work, labors
maadanokii vai s/he starts working
mikwanokii vai s/he finds work, finds a job
nagadanokii vai s/he is used to working
nandawanokii vai [S] s/he looks for work, looks for a job
nishkanokii vai s/he gets angry working, gets mad working
ojaanimanokii vai s/he is busy working
ondamanokii vai s/he is busy working
waabananokii vai s/he works until daylight