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/-and/ final

act on it by mouth or teeth, eat it
andoobiigandan vti feel for it in water the with mouth, feed on it in the water
apandan vti eat something with it
ashkandan vti eat it raw
aabiskwandan vti undo, untie it with teeth
aabitawandan vti eat half of it
bagidandan vti let it drop from the mouth
bagosagandan vti chew a hole in it (board)
bagwandan vti chew a hole in it
bakandan vti bite it (string-like) through or off
bakwendan vti bite a piece off it
baasandan vti crack it with mouth (using teeth or a beak)
baashkandan vti bite and burst it
bigishkandan vti chew it up, chew it to pieces
bishagandan vti peel it with the teeth
bishigwandan vti try biting it and miss; drop it from the mouth
bitandan vti bite, eat it accidentally
biigwandan vti chew it up; ruin, damage it (by chewing)
biisandan vti chew it into small pieces
biiwandan vti eat it leaving crumbs
bookwandan vti bite it in two
dagwandan vti eat it with something
dakwandan vti hold it in the mouth; bite it
danandan vti eat it in a certain place
daangandan vti taste a sample of it
debandan vti get, grab it with the mouth, with the teeth
dipiiwandan moisten, wet it in the mouth
gagiigandan vti pick out the best of it to eat
ganikandan vti take some of it in the mouth
gawandan vti chew it down
gaapandan vti crunch it in mouth
ginibandan vti eat it quickly
gizhiiwewendan vti make a loud noise eating it
giichigwandan vti pull it off with teeth
giimoodandan vti eat, bite it secretly
giishkandan vti bite through it cleanly
godandan vti sample, taste it; take a taste of it
godaagamandan vti try, test it (a liquid) by mouth
gotandan vti2 be afraid to eat it
gwaabandan vti sip it, take a sip of it
inandan vti eat, bite it a certain way
iskandan vti drain it dry (drinking it)
ishkwandan vti leave it behind uneaten
jaagandan vti eat up all of it
jiichiigwandan vti chew on, gnaw it (taking the meat off it)
madwendan vti chew it audibly
manaadandan vti eat sparingly of it
maadandan vti start eating, start chewing it
maagwandan vti bite down on it
mitandan vti eat it plain (without condiments) , eat it without utensils
nagadandan vti be used to eating it
nakwendan vti snatch it with mouth; catch it with mouth
nawadandan vti take hold of it in h/ mouth; take a bite of it
negwandan vti choke on it (something swallowed)
niimandan vti pick it up in mouth; carry it in mouth
nookandan vti soften it in the mouth
ondandan vti eat it from a certain place
ozhiminagandan vti form it into a ball in the mouth
wiikwandan vti suck on it; draw on it with mouth
wiinandan vti get it dirty with the mouth
zagandan vti hold on to it (with the mouth)
zaamandan vti [BL] touch it with the mouth
zaamaabiigandan vti [BL] touch it (string-like) with the mouth
zhaashaagwandan vti chew it
zhigadandan vti be tired of eating it
ziswandan vti spray water on it from the mouth
zhishigwandan vti chew it up, chew it to bits
ziikoobiigandan vti drink or suck it dry
zoobandan vti suck out of it