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/-aky-/ medial

earth, land, moss
Appears with post-medial /-e/ as -akii- and with final /-e/ as -akii.
agoodakii vai s/he hangs up moss (to use for diapering babies)
aandakii vai s/he lives, moves somewhere else (in a different territory or country); s/he moves to the spirit world
dabasakii vii it stands low out of the ground
danakii vai s/he lives, dwells in a certain place
diba'akii vai s/he surveys land
gimoodakii vai s/he steals from a garden
giiwekii vai s/he returns to h/ country
ishpakii vii it stands high out of the ground, grows high
jiigewekii vii it grows along the shore
minisinakii vii it grows in an island, there is an island of it growing
niminaawekii vii it grows out into the lake
ningwa'akii vai s/he buries something (in the ground); s/he spreads dirt on something
zaagakii vai it (animate; a plant) sprouts, comes up, grows out (of the ground)
zaagakii vii it (a plant) sprouts, comes up, grows out (of the ground)