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/-aginzo/ final

s/he is counted, is ranked, is priced
apiitaginzo vai s/he has so high a price
aabitawaginzo vai [BL] it is at or near the middle of the month; it is the fifteenth (of the month)
bezhigwaginzo vai [BL] it is the first (of the month)
dagwaginzo vai s/he is included, is a member, is counted in
inaginzo vai
  1. s/he has a certain cost, has a certain price
  2. it is a certain date (of a month)
ishpaginzo vai
  1. s/he is high-priced
  2. s/he is high in rank, status, or office
maadaginzo vai the month begins, it is the first (of the month)
midaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the tenth (of the month)
naanwaginzo vai [BL] it is the fifth (of the month)
ningodwaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the sixth (of the month)
niswaginzo vai it is the third (of a month)
nishwaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the eighth (of the month)
niiwaginzo vai [BL] it is the fourth (of the month)
niizhwaginzo vai [BL] it is the second (of the month)
niizhwaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the seventh (of the month)
onaginzo vai s/he or it (animate) has a price or value
wendaginzo vai it (animate) is cheap
zhaangaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the ninth (of the month)