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/-adin-/ medial

agaasadinaa vii there is a small hill
babiikwadinaa vii there are hills here and there
basadinaa vii it is a valley
bashkwadinaa vii it is a hill bare of trees
bikwadinaa vii it is a knoll, is a hill
bikwaabikadinaa vii there is a rocky hill or hills
bimadinaa vii there is a ridge or range of hills or mountains extending along
dabasadinaa vii it is a low small hill
gijigadinaa vii there is a range of hills, a ridge
ginoodinaa vii it is a long hill
giishkadinaa vii it is a cliff, is a steep bank
inadinaa vii it is a certain kind of hill
ishpadinaa vii it is a high hill or ridge
jiibwadinaa vii [BL] it is a pointed hill
mangadinaa vii there is a big hill
minwadinaa vii it is a nice hill
oshedinaa vii there is a ridge