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/-abi/ final

s/he sits, stays, is in position
deverbal; vai
agawaatebi vai s/he or it animate lies in the shade, is behind a cloud
agwanabakwebi vai s/he sits taking shelter in a bark lean-to
animikwabi vai s/he sits facing away
anwebi vai s/he rests
anzhikewabi vai [RL] s/he lives alone, is home alone, sits alone
apabi vai s/he sits on something
apiitabi vai s/he comes up to a certain height when seated
ashawebi vai s/he sits at a slant, sits unevenly
ashidaakwabi vai s/he sits against the wall or a tree
azhebi vai s/he moves back sitting
aandabi vai s/he changes h/ seat
aapidabi vai s/he just sits, sits and can't get up
aaswabi vai s/he sits leaning against something
aatwaakwabi vai s/he sits leaning against a tree or wall
aazhigidabi vai s/he sits leaning back face up
aazhoogaadebi vai s/he sits with legs crossed
bezhigoobi vai one sits, is at home
bimidabi vai s/he sits sideways
bishigwabi vai s/he sits and misses the chair
bizaanabi vai s/he sits still
biidaasamabi vai s/he sits facing this way
biinabi vai s/he lives in a clean place
biindazisonebi vai s/he sits in the nest
dabasabi vai s/he sits low
dagwabi vai s/he sits with others
dakabi vai s/he sits in a cold place, lives in a cold house
danabi vai s/he lives there, is in h/ usual seat [as in lodge]
dasoobiwag vai a certain number of them sit together; a certain number of them are at home
dawabi vai s/he makes room (for someone to sit)
dazhwaakogaadebi vai s/he sits with h/ legs spread out
debabi vai s/he has enough room to sit
desabi vai s/he rides mounted on top; s/he sits on a raised surface, sits astride, sits straddling something
gashkiigabi vai s/he sits wrapped up in a blanket
gashkiigabin vai + o sit wrapped up in it (sheet-like)
gashkiiwegabi vai s/he sits covered over with a blanket, sits wrapped up
gibabi vai s/he sits blocking the way
gigabi vai s/he sits with something
giiwitaabiwag vai they sit in a circle
giizhoobi vai s/he sits in a warm place, lives in a warm house
goshkwaawaadabi vai s/he sits quietly, sits still; s/he stays somewhere quietly
gwekabi vai s/he turns around while sitting
ikwabi vai
  1. s/he moves out of the way (while seated)
  2. s/he resigns a position
inabi vai s/he sits a certain way, lives a certain way at home
inaasamabi vai s/he sits facing in a certain way
ishkaakodiyebi vai s/he is tired of sitting on h/ rear end on something hard
ishkidiyebi vai h/ rear is tired from sitting
ishkwebi vai s/he sits at the end
ishpabi vai s/he sits high; s/he has a high office, is the chairman
jiibadabi vai s/he sits stiffly
mamaanjigwabi vai s/he sits unable to move, sits cramped up
mayaawabi vai s/he sits up, sits straight up
maamawoobiwag vai they sit together, have a meeting
maanabi vai
  1. s/he sits uncomfortably
  2. s/he is an uncomfortable or unmanageable position, isn't managing well
maawandoobiwag vai they sit together
meshkwadabi vai s/he switches h/ seat
midaasoobiwag vai ten of them sit together; ten of them are at home
mimigwabi vai s/he squirms sitting
minwabi vai s/he sits comfortably
mitabi vai s/he sits on the bare ground or surface
mitaakwazhebi vai s/he sits naked
mitoonagabi vai s/he sits right on the bottom of the canoe (with no cushion)
mizhishawabi vai s/he sits out in the open
mooshkinebiwag vai they are crowded sitting (there)
na'abi vai s/he moves to get seated comfortably
namadabi vai s/he sits
nawagikwebi vai s/he sits with h/ head down
naanoobiwag vai five of them sit together; five of them are at home
ningodwaasoobiwag vai six of them (animate) sit together; six of them are at home
nisoobiwag vai three of them sit together; three of them are at home
nishwaasoobiwag vai eight of them sit together; eight of them are at home
niibaabi vai s/he sits up at night
niibidebiwag vai they sit side by side in a row
niigaanabi vai s/he sits in front
niiskabi vai s/he lives in a mess
niiyoobiwag vai four of them sit together; four of them are at home
niizhoobiwag vai two of them sit together; two of them are at home
niizhwaasoobiwag vai seven of them sit together; seven of them are at home
nookabi vai s/he sits on a soft seat
noomagebi vai s/he sits for a while
noonabi vai s/he has no room to sit
okwabiwag vai they sit in a group
onabi vai s/he takes a seat, sits down
onjishkawabi vai s/he sits facing the wind
opimebi vai s/he sits to one side, sits on one cheek
waabanabi vai s/he sits up until daylight
waakaabiwag vai they sit around in circle
wiidabim vta sit with h/
wiinabi vai s/he sits in dirt; s/he lives in a dirty place
zaagikwebi vai s/he sits with h/ head sticking out or up
zhaangasoobiwag vai nine of them (animate) sit together; nine of them (animate) are at home
zhigabi vai s/he urinates sitting
zhiibigwebi vai s/he sits craning h/ neck
ziindabi vai s/he sits crowded in, squeezed in tight
zoongabi vai s/he sits firm
zhooshkwabi vai s/he slides over sitting