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/aazhigid-/ initial

face up, right side up
aazhigidabi vai s/he sits leaning back face up
aazhigidagoojin vai s/he hangs with back to ground
aazhigidikweni vai s/he tilts h/ head back
aazhigidin vta turn h/ face up
aazhigidinan vti turn it face up
aazhigidwebin vta throw h/ over backwards
aazhigidwebinan vti throw it over backwards
aazhigidwebishkan vti kick it over face up
aazhigijibizh vta pull h/ over on h/ back, turn h/ face up
aazhigijise vii it turns face up, falls face up
aazhigijise vai s/he turns face up, falls face up
aazhigijisidoon vti2 lay it over backwards; lay it face up
aazhigijisin vii it falls over backwards; it lies face up
aazhigijishim vta lay h/ over backwards; lay h/ face up
aazhigijishin vai s/he falls over backwards; s/he lies face up
aazhigijiweba' vta toss h/ upside down (using something forcefully)