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/aazhaw-/ initial

aazhoo , aazho
aazhawagaako vai s/he goes across on the ice
aazhawagaame vai s/he goes across going along the shore or the edge
aazhawagaazii vai s/he wades across
aazhawa'adoo vai s/he goes across a road or trail
aazhawa'am vai2 s/he crosses, go across by boat
aazhawa'o vai s/he goes across by boat; s/he crosses, go across by boat
aazhawa'oodoon vti2 take it across by boat; ferry it across
aazhawa'ookii vai s/he poles a boat across, ferries someone across
aazhawa'oozh vta take h/ across by boat; ferry h/ across
aazhawakamigaa vii it (the ground) goes across, is an isthmus
aazhawakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles across
aazhawamon vii it (road or trail) goes across
aazhawapidoon vti2 tie it across
aazhawasaa vai s/he strings a net across
aazhawashkiiga'am vai2 s/he walks across a muskeg or swamp
aazhawayi'ii adv loc on the other side of it
aazhawaabiigin vta string h/ (as a net) across
aazhawaabiiginan vti string it across
aazhawaadagaa vai s/he swims across
aazhawaadagaako vai s/he goes across on the ice
aazhawaadagaazii vai s/he wades across
aazhawaakide vii it burns across
aazhawaakogoodoon vti2 hang it across a stick or rack
aazhawaakosidoon vti2 lay it across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakosin vii it lies across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakoshim vta lay h/ across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakoshin vai s/he lies across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakwagwinjin vai it (animate; stick-like) lies across the water
aazhawaakwii vai s/he goes across holding on (to something stick-like such as a tree, a branch or a railing)
aazhawaandawe vai s/he climbs across
aazhawaanimad vii the wind blows across
aazhawaasin vii it is blown across (by the wind), sails across, soars across
aazhawaashi vai s/he is blown across (by the wind), sails across, soars across
aazhawewesidoon vti2 record (the sound of) it
aazhaweweshim vta record (the sound of) h/
aazhawi- pv lex across
aazhawiba'idiwag vai they run across in a group
aazhawiba'iwe vai s/he goes across in flight from someone
aazhawibatoo vai s/he runs across
aazhawibide vii it speeds, drives, flies across
aazhawibizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies across
aazhawidaabaadan vti drag it across
aazhawidaabaazh vta drag h/ across
aazhawidaabii vai s/he drags across
aazhawidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives across a bridge
aazhawigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps across
aazhawikana adv loc across the road or trail
aazhawikanebizo vai s/he crosses a lane
aazhawikawe vai s/he leaves tracks going across
aazhawinige vai s/he takes things across on the shoulder
aazhawinizha' vta send h/across
aazhawinizha'an vti send it across
aazhawise vai s/he flies across
aazhawise vii it flies across
aazhawisidoon vti2 lay it across
aazhawisin vii it lies across
aazhawishim vta lay h/ across
aazhawishin vai s/he lies across
aazhawishkaa vai s/he crosses, walks across, goes across
aazhawiwebin vta throw, shove h/ across
aazhawiwebinan vti throw, shove it across
aazhawoode vai s/he crawls across
aazhoge vai s/he goes across water
aazhooba'idiwag vai they run across together
aazhooba'iwe vai s/he runs across in flight
aazhoobatoo vai s/he runs across
aazhoogaadebi vai s/he sits with legs crossed
aazhookana adv loc across the road or trail
aazhoomon vii it is a crossroads
aazhooningwa'an vti wear it across the shoulder
aazhooshkaa vai s/he goes across, crosses