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/-aazhagaame/ final

s/he goes along a shoreline, an edge
animaazhagaame vai s/he goes away (in the other direction) on the shore
babaamaazhagaame vai s/he goes around on the shore
bimaazhagaame vai s/he goes along on the shore or edge of something
biidaazhagaame vai s/he comes along shore
giiwitaayaazhagaame vai s/he walks around the edge; s/he walks around a lake
inaazhagaame vai s/he walks along shore to a certain place
jiigeweyaazhagaame vai s/he walks along the shore
maadaazhagaame vai s/he starts off along the shore
maajiiyaazhagaame vai s/he starts off along the shore
ondaazhagaame vai s/he comes from a certain place along the shore