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/-aawaN/ final

haul h/
aawan, aawazh
animaawazh vta haul h/ away (in the other direction)
asigaawazh vta haul everything (animate) together; assemble them in a group, round them up
babaamaawazh vta haul h/ around; guide h/ around
bimaawazh vta haul h/ along
biidaawadoon vti2 haul it here
biidaawazh vta haul h/ here
gopaawazh vta haul it (animate) inland
inaawazh vta haul h/ to a certain place
jaagaawazh vta haul all of them (animate)
maadaawadoon vti2 start hauling it
maadaawazh vta start hauling h/ away
ondaawazh vta haul h/ from a certain place
zaagidaawazh vta haul h/ out