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/aawad-/ initial

aawaj , aawaz
aawada'oodoo vai s/he hauls by boat
aawada'oodoon vti2 haul it by boat
aawada'oozh vta haul h/ by boat
aawadashkosiwe vai s/he hauls hay
aawadaatigwe vai s/he hauls logs
aawadoom vta haul h/ on the back
aawadoondan vti haul it on the back
aawajibingwe vai s/he hauls sand or gravel
aawajidaabaadan vti haul it on sled or wagon
aawajidaabaazh vta haul h/ on a sled or wagon
aawajidaabii vai s/he hauls by dragging; s/he hauls on a sled
aawajimine vai s/he hauls wild rice
aawajinige vai s/he hauls stuff on the shoulder
aawajiwane vai s/he packs a load, hauls something by pack