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/-aate/ final

it shines, is in the light, is affected by the sun
abaate vii it warms up (of the weather)
agwanaate vii there is shade
akwaate vii it shines a certain distance; it has light that reaches a certain distance
apiitaate vii it is so hot from sun, sunlight goes so far
aabawaate vii it is warm, warms up in the sunshine
aasamaate vii it is right in the sun
bagakaate vii it has a bright clear light, shines brightly
gaashizigwaate vii there is sharp ice from the sun shining on it
gizhaate vii it is hot (weather), is hot and sunny
gizhiiyaate vii it (light) is bright, shines brightly
giizhigaate vii there is moonlight
inaate vii it shines a certain way, to a certain place
mashkawaate vii it is a strong light
mazinaate vii it is an image formed by light; it is projected
maadaate vii it starts shining
maanaate vii it has a poor light
minwaate vii it has a good light, shines well
miskwaate vii it shines red, is a red light
ozhaawashkwaate vii it shines with a blue or green light
ozhaawishkwaate vii [NI]
waabaate vii it fades, is faded (from light)
zakaate vii it reflects light, is lit by sunlight
zaagaate vii it shines; the sun comes up or out
zhaagwaate vii it has a dim light, a weak light