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/-aasin/ final

it is blown by the wind or moving air; it flies, soars, sails
agwaayaasin vii it is blown ashore (by the wind); sails ashore
animaasin vii it is blown away (by the wind); sails, soars away
apagadaasin vii it is blown against something
azheyaasin vii it is blown back (by the wind)
aateyaasin vii it is extinguished, blown out by the wind
aazhawaasin vii it is blown across (by the wind), sails across, soars across
babaamaasin vii it is blown about (by the wind); it sails, soars about
babiikwadaawangaasin vii there are sand dunes
bagamaasin vii it is blown in (by the wind), sails, soars in; it arrives by air
bagwaasin vii it is blown open (with a hole in it)
bakaasin vii it (string-like) breaks or snaps in the wind
bakobiiyaasin vii it is blown into the water
bakwadaasin vii it is blown off of something
bakweyaasin vii
bangisaasin vii the wind makes it fall
bengwashkaasin vii it (stalk, plant) dries in the wind
bengwaasin vii it blows dry
bimaasin vii it is blown along (by the wind); sails, soars along
bimidaasin vii it is blown sideways (by the wind); sails, soars sideways
binaabigwaniiyaasin vii its flower blows down
binaagoneyaasin vii it has snow blowing down off it
binaasin vii it is blown down off something (by the wind)
biidaasin vii it is blown here (by the wind); sails, soars here
biigwaasin vii it is damaged by the wind, is blown apart
biimaskwaasin vii it shifts, turns in the wind
biindigeyaasin vii it is blown inside (by the wind)
biiwaandagaasin vii the boughs are scattered by the wind
biiwibagaasin vii leaves are scattered by the wind
bookwaasin vii it breaks in two in the wind
dabasaasin vii it is blown low
dakaasin vii it is cooled by the wind
dazhwegaasin vii it straightens out in the wind
desaasin vii it soars, sails on the level
gawaasin vii it is blown over (by the wind)
gaaskibagaasin vii leaves rustle in the wind
gibaakwaasin vii it (something stick-like or of wood) is blown shut
gidaasin vii it is removed in the wind
gidiskaasin vii it is blown free
gijigadaasin vii the snow blown into ripples
gizhibaayaasin vii it spins, whirls in the wind
giziibweweyaasin vii it creaks in the wind
gizhiiweweyaandagaasin vii its boughs sound loud blowing in the wind
gizhiiyaasin vii it is blown fast (by the wind); sails, soars fast
giichigwaasin vii it blows off
gwanabaasin vii it capsizes, tips over in the wind
gwekaasin vii it turns, changes direction in the wind
inaasin vii it is blown to a certain place or in a certain way (by the wind); sails, soars to a certain place or in a certain way; it sails to a certain place
inwewebagaasin vii its leaves sound a certain way blowing in the wind
inweweyaasin vii it is heard flying, soaring, or sailing to a certain place or in a certain way
ishpaasin vii it is blown high (by the wind); sails, soars high
jiigeweyaasin vii it is blown along the shore or edge (by the wind), sails, soars along the shore or edge
madwebagaasin vii the leaves can be heard blowing in the wind
madweyaandagaasin vii the boughs can be heard blowing in the wind
madweyaasin vii it is heard blowing in the wind
mamaadaandagaasin vii the boughs move in the wind
maadaasin vii it starts being blown away (by the wind); it begins to sail away, begins to soar away
maajiiyaasin vii it starts to blow away
minwewebagaasin vii leaves sound nice blowing in the wind
minweweyaandagaasin vii the boughs sound nice blowing in the wind
nabagaasin vii it is blown flat
nabagaashi vai it (animate) is blown flat
nanaweyaasin vii it keeps bending over in the wind
naamiwanaasin vii it is blown with the wind
naanigaasin vii it rips in the wind
naazhakiiyaasin vii it flies, soars, falls, or is blown by the wind down to the ground
niminaaweyaasin vii it blows out into the lake, offshore
ningwadaasin vii it is covered by blowing snow
ningwadaawangaasin vii it is covered with blowing sand
ningwaagoneyaasin vii it is covered by blown snow
niisaasin vii it is blown downwards (by the wind); sails, soars downwards
ombaasin vii it is lifted by the wind; is blown, sails, soars upwards
ombweyaasin vii it blows up and around
ondaasin vii it is blown from a certain place (by the wind); sails, soars from a certain place
waagaasin vii it bends in the wind
webaasin vii it is blown away (by the wind)
wewebaasin vii it is blown back and forth (by the wind), flutters, flaps
wiikwaasin vii it is drawn towards or pulled in by the wind or moving air
zhagashkaasin vii it is levelled by the wind
zaagidaasin vii it is blown outside
ziigaasin vii it spills out or overflows blown by the wind