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/-aasige/ final

s/he shines, flashes
especially of the sun, moon, or stars
animaasige vai s/he goes away shining a light; lightning goes away
apiitaasige vai the sun or moon shines so bright; the moon is in a certain phase; it is so far along in the month
aabawaasige vai s/he (the sun) warms things up
aabitawaasige vai there is a first-quarter or last-quarter moon
aakwaasige vai s/he shines bightly
bagakaasige vai it (animate) shines brightly
biidaasige vai s/he comes with light, shines this way
gizhaasige vai it (animate; the sun) shines hot
giimoodaasige vai s/he shines deer secretly
inaasige vai it (animate; sun, moon, or star) shines a certain way
ishkwaayaasige vai it (animate; moon) is in the last quarter = it is the end of the month
zhaabwaasige vai it (animate; the sun or moon) shines light through
zaagaasige vai it (animate; the sun or moon) shines out (from behind something)
zhiibaayaasige vai it (animate; the sun) shines under the clouds