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/-aashi/ final

s/he is blown by the wind or moving air; s/he flies, soars, sails
agwaayaashi vai s/he is blown ashore (by the wind); sails ashore
animaashi vai s/he starts being blown away (by the wind); s/he begins to sail away, soar away
apagadaashi vai s/he is blown against something
azheyaashi vai s/he is blown back (by the wind)
aateyaashi vai s/he is extinguished, blown out by the wind
aazhawaashi vai s/he is blown across (by the wind), sails across, soars across
babaamaashi vai s/he is blown about (by the wind); sails, soars about
babaamweweyaashi vai s/he is heard flying, soaring, sailing about
bagamaashi vai s/he is blown in (by the wind); sails, soars in (to a destination); s/he arrives by air
bagwaashi vai s/he is blown open (with a hole in h/)
bakaashi vai s/he snaps in the wind
bakobiiyaashi vai s/he is blown into the water (by the wind)
bakwadaashi vai it (animate) is blown off of something
bengwaanikweyaashi vai s/he dries h/ hair in the wind, gets h/ hair dry in the wind
bengwaashi vai s/he blows dry
bimaashi vai s/he is blown along (by the wind); sails, soars along
bimidaashi vai s/he is blown sideways (by the wind); sails, soars sideways
binaagoneyaashi vai s/he, it (animate) has snow blown down off h/, it
binaashi vai s/he is blown down off something (by the wind)
biidaashi vai s/he is blown here (by the wind); sails, soars here
biigwaashi vai s/he is blown apart (by the wind)
biimaskwaashi vai s/he shifts, turns in the wind
biindigeyaashi vai s/he is blown inside (by the wind)
biiwaashi vai s/he is scattered by wind
bookwaashi vai s/he breaks in two in the wind
dabasaashi vai s/he is blown low, soars low
dakaashi vai s/he is cooled by the wind
desaashi vai s/he soars, sails on the level
gawaashi vai s/he is blown over (by the wind)
gidaashi vai it (animate) is removed in the wind
gidiskaashi vai s/he is blown free
gizhibaayaashi vai s/he spins in the air, whirls in the wind [nid:502239]
gizhiiyaashi vai s/he is blown fast (by the wind); sails, soars fast
giichigwaashi vai it (animate) blows off
gwanabaashi vai s/he or it (animate) capsizes, tips over in the wind
gwekaashi vai s/he, it (animate) turns, changes direction in the wind
inaashi vai s/he is blown to a certain place or in a certain way (by the wind); sails, soars to a certain place or in a certain waysoars, sails to a certain place
inweweyaashi vai s/he is heard flying, soaring, or sailing to a certain place or in a certain way
ishpaashi vai s/he is blown high (by the wind); sails, soars high
jiigeweyaashi vai s/he is blown along the shore or edge (by the wind), sails, soars along the shore or edge
madweyaashi vai it (animate) is heard blowing in the wind; s/he or it (animate) is heard soaring, sailing
maadaashi vai s/he starts being blown away (by the wind); s/he begins to sail away, soar away
nanaweyaashi vai it (animate) keeps bending over in the wind
naamiwanaashi vai s/he is blown with the wind
naazhakiiyaashi vai s/he flies, soars, falls, or is blown by the wind down to the ground; s/he parachutes down to the ground
niminaaweyaashi vai s/he is blown down the lake, is blown offshore
ningwadaashi vai it (animate) is covered with blowing snow
ningwadaawangaashi vai s/he is covered with blowing sand
ningwaagoneyaashi vai s/he is covered by blown snow
ningwaashi vai s/he (sun or moon) is covered by drifting clouds
niisaashi vai s/he is blown downwards (by the wind); sails, soars downwards
ombaashi vai s/he is lifted by the wind; is blown, sails, soars upwards
ombweyaashi vai s/he is blown up and around
ondaashi vai s/he is blown from a certain place (by the wind); sails, soars from a certain place
waagaashi vai s/he bends in the wind
webaashi vai s/he is blown away (by the wind)
wewebaashi vai it (animate) is blown back and forth (by the wind), flutters, flaps
wiikwaashi vai s/he or it (animate) is drawn towards or pulled in by the wind or moving air
zhagashkaashi vai s/he is levelled by the wind; s/he glides in the air
zaagidaashi vai s/he is blown outside
ziigaashi vai it (animate) spills out from the wind