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/-aanowe-/ medial

tail (of an animal)
Contains medial -aanow- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
bookwaanowebizh vta snap off h/ tail
giishkaanowebizh vta break off h/ tail (with hands)
giishkaanowezh vta cut h/ (animal) tail off
inaanowebagizo vai s/he flicks h/ tail a certain way
inaanowebani'o vai s/he flicks h/ tail a certain way
inaanoweni vai s/he moves tail a certain way or to a certain place
jaangaanoweni vai s/he sticks h/ tail up
jiishaanowebizh vta pull off h/ tail bone
wewebaanoweni vai s/he wags h/ tail
zagaanowebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the tail
zagaanowen vta hold, grab h/ by the tail