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/-aanow-/ medial

tail (of an animal)
body part
agaasaakwaanowe vai s/he has a small furry tail
bepeshaanowe vai s/he has stripes on h/ tail
beshaanowe vai s/he has a stripe on h/ tail
biskaanowe vai s/he has a up-turned tail
dakwaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a short tail
didibaanowe vai it (animate) has a curly tail
ginwaabiigaanowe vai h/ (an animal) has a long stringy tail
ginwaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a long tail
giishkaanowe vai s/he has a cut-off tail
jiichiigwaanowe vai s/he has a bare, skinny tail
makadewaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a black tail
michaakwaanowe vai s/he has a big furry tail
miishaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a furry tail
nabagaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a flat tail
ozowaanowashk ni tail of wild rice husk
waabishkaanowe vai s/he (an animal) has a white tail (at the tip)
zaagaanowe vai h/ tail sticks out