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/-aanike/ final

s/he digs
andwaanike vai s/he digs for something, searches by digging
apiitaanike vai s/he digs so deep
bagamaanike vai s/he arrives, gets to a place by digging
bagoneyaanike vai s/he digs a hole or trench
danaanike vai s/he digs in a certain place
gizhiiyaanike vai s/he digs fast
giizhaanike vai s/he finishes digging
inaanike vai s/he digs to a certain place
madweyaanike vai s/he is heard digging
maadaanike vai s/he starts digging
mikwaanike vai s/he finds something by digging
nibaadaanike vai s/he makes a mess digging
zhiibaayaanike vai s/he digs an opening or passage underneath, tunnels