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/-aandag-/ medial

evergreen, conifer, bough, needle
bashkwaandagaa vii it is bare of boughs
bashkwaandagizi vai it (animate) is bare of boughs
bengwaandagaa vii the boughs are dry
bengwaandagizi vai it (animate; bough) is dry
biisaandagizi vai s/he (tree) has fine needles
biiwaandagaasin vii the boughs are scattered by the wind
daswaandagizi vai it (animate) has a certain number of tree needles
desaandagizi vai s/he (tree) has flat needles
gaashaandagizi vai it (animate; tree) has prickly needles
ginwaakwaandagizi vai s/he (tree) has long needles
gizhiiweweyaandagaasin vii its boughs sound loud blowing in the wind
giizhikaandagaabo ni cedar tea: a tea made from cedar boughs
inaandagizi vai it (evergreen) has such a shape, has such boughs
jaagidewaandagizi vai it (animate) has burned boughs
madweyaandagaasin vii the boughs can be heard blowing in the wind
mamaadaandagaasin vii the boughs move in the wind
minweweyaandagaasin vii the boughs sound nice blowing in the wind
nibiiwaandagaa vii there are wet boughs
nibiiwaandagizi vai it (animate; bough) is wet
ozaawaandagaaso vai the boughs turn brown from the sun and heat
ozaawaandagizi vai the bough is brown
waawiyeyaandagizi vai it (animate; a tree) has round needles
zhiibaayaandagaa vii there is a space under the boughs