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/-aanakw-/ medial

animaanakwad vii clouds go away
animikiiwaanakwagoode vii there are dark thunder clouds in the sky
babaamaanakwad vii clouds go about
babiikwaanakwad vii it is a cumulus cloud
babiikwaanakwad vii there are cumulus clouds
bagoneyaanakwad vii there is a hole in the cloud
bimaanakwad vii clouds go along
biidaanakwad vii clouds approach
biidaanakwagoode vii clouds in the sky come here
dabasaanakwad vii clouds are low
dakamaanakwagoode vii there is a row of clouds extended across
daashkaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) splits
gashkiiwanakwad vii there are dark clouds
gashkiiwaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
gijigaanakwagoode vii there are jagged rippled clouds
gimiwanaanakwad vii there are rain clouds
gimiwanaanakwagoode vii there is a rain cloud in the sky
gizhibaayaanakwad vii clouds whirl around
giishkaanakwagoode vii it is a cloud bank
inaanakwad vii there are such clouds; clouds go a certain way
inaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) goes there; there are such clouds in the sky
makadewaanakwad vii it is a dark cloud
makadewaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
mazinaanakwad vii it is fancy cloud
mazinaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) forms an image
minisinaanakwad vii it is an isolated cloud
miskwaanakwad vii it is a red cloud; there are red clouds
miziweyaanakwad vii it is cloudy all over
ningwaanakwad vii it is cloudy
ningwaanakwaashi vai it (animate; the sun or moon) is covered by a moving cloud or clouds
ondaanakwad vii cloud comes from a certain place
ozaawaanakwad vii it is a yellow cloud
ozaawaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) is yellowish in the sky
waabaanakwad vii it is grey sky, grey clouds
waabishkaanakwad vii there are white clouds
waaseyaanakwad vii clouds can be seen through
zhaabwaanakwad vii clouds can be seen through, "you can see through the clouds"
zegaanakwad vii there are storm clouds, threatening clouds