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/-aajimo/ final

s/he tells, tells a story
aandaajimo vai s/he tells a story over
babaamaajimo vai s/he spreads the news about
bagamaajimo vai s/he arrives with news
biidaajimo vai s/he brings the news
danaajimo vai s/he tells a story in a certain place; s/he tells a story of a place
dibaajimo vai s/he tells, tells a story
geteyaajimo vai s/he tells stories about the old times
gizhiiyaajimo vai s/he tells a story fast
giimoodaajimo vai s/he tells something secretly
giishkaajimo vai s/he cuts the story off (without finishing it)
giiwanaajimo vai s/he lies, tells a false story
giizhaajimo vai s/he finishes a story, tells all (of a story)
gwayakwaajimo vai s/he tells the news or the story correctly, tells the truth
inaajimo vai s/he tells a certain way
mamaandaawaajimo vai s/he tells an amazing story of wonders
maadaajimo vai s/he starts to tell
maanaajimo vai s/he tells a bad story, tells bad news
minwaajimo vai s/he tells good news, tells a good story
mookwaajimo vai s/he cries telling the news or a story
napaadaajimo vai s/he tells something wrong
ondamaajimo vai s/he is busy telling a story or the news
ondaajimo vai s/he bring news from a certain place, tells of a certain place where s/he has been
onzaamaajimo vai s/he tells something s/he shouldn't have
wanaajimo vai s/he makes a mistake telling a story
wekwaayaajimo vai s/he comes to the end of a story
wiimaayaajimo vai s/he leave something out of the story, evades the truth, prevaricates
wiinaajimo vai s/he tells an indecent or dirty story
zaageweyaajimo vai s/he hints at something