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/-aagozi/ final

s/he undergoes action
agadendaagozi vai s/he seems ashamed, shy, embarrassed
agaasendaagozi vai s/he is thought insignificant
apiitendaagozi vai s/he is valued so high, ranks so high, is so important
aanawendaagozi vai s/he is found unsatisfactory, is disliked, is rejected
beshwendaagozi vai s/he is thought near
dabasendaagozi vai s/he is held in low regard
dibendaagozi vai
  1. s/he is controlled, is owned
  2. s/he belongs, is a member
gagwaanisagendaagozi vai s/he is thought terrible, is thought disgusting
gikendaagozi vai s/he is known (by someone), "they" know h/
gwayakwendaagozi vai s/he is thought right
inendaagozi vai s/he is thought of a certain way, seems to be a certain way; s/he has a certain destiny
mayagendaagozi vai s/he is thought strange
maamakaadendaagozi vai s/he is amazing, is astonishing, is a wonder
maanendaagozi vai s/he is thought bad, is thought poor, is thought disagreeable
mikwendaagozi vai s/he comes to mind, is recalled, is remembered
minaadendaagozi vai s/he is held in high esteem
minwendaagozi vai s/he is likeable, is agreeable, is fun
nandawendaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) is suitable; s/he or it (animate) is desirable
wawiyadendaagozi vai s/he is thought cute, thought funny (comical)
zhawendaagozi vai s/he is blessed, is fortunate, is loveable
zhiingendaagozi vai s/he is disliked, disapproved of, hated