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/-aagonag-/ medial

snow (on the ground)
Contains medial -aagon- + post-medial -ag-.
environmental; post-medial
anaamaagonag adv loc under the snow
animaagonagii vai s/he goes away [in the other direction] in the snow
apiitaagonagaa vii there is snow so deep, the snow is a certain depth
babaamaagonagii vai s/he goes about in the snow
bagakaagonagaa vii there is bright snow
bagamaagonagii vai s/he arrives coming through the snow
bengwaagonagaa vii there is dry snow
bikwaakwadwaagonagin vta make h/ (snow) into a snowball
bimaagonagii vai s/he goes along in snow
biidaagonagii vai s/he comes in snow
biinaagongaa vii there is clean snow
dabasaagonagaa vii there is low snow
gaashaagonagaa vii there is sharp-crusted snow
giishkaagonagaa vii it is a snow bank
inaagonagii vai s/he goes to a certain place in snow
ishpaagonagaa vii it is deep snow
jiigaagonag adv loc by the snow
makadewaagonagaa vii it is dark dirty snow
miskwiiwaagonagaa vii there is bloody snow
mishawaagonag adv loc out on a snow field
mitaagonag adv loc right on the snow
mookaagonaso vai it (animate) emerges from the melting snow
ningaagonate vii the snow is melting off it
nookaagonagaa vii there is soft snow
ogidaagonag adv loc on top of the snow
ondaagonagii vai s/he goes or comes in the snow from a certain place
onzaamaagonagaa vii there is too much snow
ozhaashaagonagaa vii there is slippery snow; it is slippery with snow
ozaawaagonagaa vii there is yellow snow
waaseyaagonagaa vii there is bright snow (on the ground)
wiinaagonagaa vii there is dirty snow
zhakaagonagaa vii there is soft wet snow
zhooshkwaagonagaa vii there is smooth snow