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/-aagime/ final

s/he snowshoes
Compare: aagime vai s/he snowshoes. Verbs of travel on snowshoes are built on a stem aagime in Minnesota and are built on a stem aagimose in the Border Lakes region. Compare these to aagim the noun for a snowshoe.
animaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes away (in the other direction)
babaamaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes about
bimaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes along or by, goes snowshoeing
biidaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes here, comes snowshoeing
inaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes to a certain place, snowshoes in a certain way
ondaagime vai [S] s/he snowshoes from a certain place