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/-aage/ final

h/ uses (it) for 
forms vai+o verbs of use from vai stems with aa replace e
apishimonikaagen vai + o s/he makes bedding from it, uses it for bedding
biijimaanjigaagen vai use it to smell with
boozininjaagen vai + o use (it) to grease you hand or hands
giziingwaagen vai + o wash your face with it
giishkizhigaagen vai + o cut something with it
maawandoogwaasonikaagen vai + o use (it) for quilting
odaminwaage vai + o s/he uses something as a toy; s/he plays with something (as a toy)
odaminwaagen vai + o use it as a toy; play with it (as a toy)
wanawe'igaagen vai + o use (it) to stir with
zhooshkwajiwaagen vai + o s/he uses (it) to slide with