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/-aad-/ medial

way of being or life; one's character or nature
apiitaadizi vai s/he is a certain age, is so old or young
aakwaadizi vai s/he is fierce
babaamaada'ookii vai s/he distributes things around, passes things around
babaamaadizi vai s/he lives about; s/he travels about
babimaadizi vai s/he keeps living
bimaadad vii it is alive, is living
bimaadizi vai s/he lives, is alive
bimaaji' vta save h/ life, rescue h/
danaadizi vai s/he stays around a certain place
gizhewaadizi vai s/he is kind, is generous
giiwanaadingwaam vai s/he has a bad dream, had a nightmare
giiwanaadizi vai s/he is crazy, is insane
gwekaadizi vai s/he changes, transforms h/ life
inaadizi vai s/he has a certain character or nature, has a certain way of life
maji-manidoowaadizi vai s/he is evil, is possessed by an evil spirit
manidoowaadizi vai s/he has a spiritual nature
maadaadizi vai s/he starts a journey
maanaadad vii it is bad, is no good, is ugly
maanaadizi vai s/he is ugly, is homely
minwaadizi vai s/he is a good person (leads a good life, has a good character, is honest)
miikawaadizi vai s/he is handsome, is beautiful; [BL] s/he is smart, clever, knows what s/he is doing
nishiwanaadad vii [RL] it is spoiled, is ruined, is destroyed
nishiwanaadakamigad vii it is a riot, a melee
nishiwanaadakamigizi vai s/he is naughty, is unruly, is disobedient
nishiwanaadizi vai [RL] s/he is in poor condition, is neglected; s/he is dead
nishiwanaaji' vta [RL] waste, spoil, destroy h/
nishkaadendam vai2 s/he is an angry person, is always mad
nishkaadenim vta feel mad at, feel angry at h/
nishkaadizi vai s/he is angry, is mad
nishkaajiingweni vai s/he makes an angry face
nishkaajiingwetaw vta make an angry face at h/
nishkaazinaagozi vai s/he looks angry, looks mad
nishkaazom vta talk to h/ angrily
niiskaadad vii it is bad weather
niiskaadendam vai2 s/he doesn't want to do something or go somewhere because of the weather
niiskaajibiisaan vii [BL] it is a nasty rain
niiskaajipon vii it is a nasty, messy snow
niiskaazom vta disturb h/ with speech
nookaadad vii it is mild
nookaadizi vai s/he has a good, easy life
ondaadad vii it comes from a certain place, originates in a certain place
ondaadizi vai s/he is born; s/he comes from a certain place
zhaagwaadad vii it is weak in power, is ineffective
zhaagwaadizi vai s/he is weak in power, is ineffective