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/-aabogo/ final

s/he drifts
agwaayaabogo vai s/he drifts ashore in the current
animaabogo vai s/he drifts or floats away (in the other direction) on the current
bimaabogo vai s/he floats or drifts along with the current
biidaabogo vai s/he floats or drifts here with the current
gibaabogo vai it (animate) drifts and dams up the river (e.g., ice)
gizhiiyaabogo vai s/he drifts fast
gonzaabiiyaabogo vai s/he sinks in the rapids
inaabogo vai s/he drifts or floats to a certain place on the current
niinamaakwaabogo vai it (animate; stick-like) moves unsteadily in the water
ondaabogo vai s/he or it (animate) comes from a certain place drifting on the current