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/-aaband/ final

look at it
akawaabandan vti wait in watch for it, expect it to come
akwaabam vta see h/ at a certain distance
akwaabandan vti see it at a certain distance
andawaabandan vti look for, search for it; go find, go get, go pick up, or go retrieve h/ or it (animate)
aabanaabandan vti look back at it
bagakaabandan vti see it clearly, spot it right away
banaabandan vti lose sight of it suddenly
beshwaabandan vti see it nearby, be in close view of it, catch sight of it
bishkwaabandan vti not see it any more, have it disappear from view
bizwaabandan vti catch a glimpse of it
biigizawaabandan vti see it indistinctly, see it as blurry
biinzaabandan vti look in at or into, peek in at it
boonaabandan vti stop looking at it
danaabandam vai2 s/he dreams of being in a certain place
dapaabandan vti peek (through an opening) at it, look through an opening at it
daatagaabandan vti look up at it
debaabandan vti have it in sight, see it at a distance
dibaabandan vti inspect, check up on it, look it over
gagiibaazaabandam vai2 s/he has a funny dream
gagiigaabandan vti pick out the best of it by sight
ganawaabandan vti look at, watch it
gezikawaabandan vti catch sight of it, glance at it
gikaabandan vti select, pick it by using vision
giimaabandan vti look at it secretly; spy on it; peek, peep at it
giimoozaabandan vti look at it secretly; spy on it; peek, peep at it
giiwashkweyaabandam vai2 s/he is dizzy, feels unsteady
gwiinawaabandan vti fail to see it, be unable to see it
inaabandam vai2 s/he dreams a certain way; s/he has a certain view of something, has a certain belief about something
inaabandan vti see it a certain way as in a dream; have such a dream about it
ishkaabandan vti tire of looking at, watching it
jiikaabandan vti [BR] like seeing, enjoy seeing it
maaminonaabandan vti notice, catch sight of it
maanaabandam vai2 s/he has a bad dream, had a nightmare
mikawaabandan vti discover it in sight suddenly; spy it
minwaabandan vti like the look of it
nagazaabandan vti be used to the sight of it
na'aabandan vti see it clearly, spot it right away
nandawaabandan vti look for, search for it
naagadawaabandan vti observe, study it
naanaagadawaabandan vti watch it carefully, observe it
nishkaabandan vti glare at, look angrily at it
onaabandan vti choose, select, pick it (by sight)
onzaabandan vti see, watch it from a certain place
zhaabwaabandan vti see through it
zegaabandam vai2 s/he has a frightening dream, a scary dream
zegaabandan vti have a frightening dream, a scary dream about it
zhigweyaabandan vti aim at it
zhiibaayaabandan vti see through it