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/-aabam/ final

look at h/
akawaabam vta wait in watch for h/, expect h/ to come
andawaabam vta [N] look for, search for h/ or it (animate); go find, go get, go pick up, or go retrieve h/ or it (animate)
aabanaabam vta look back at h/
bagakaabam vta see h/ clearly, spot h/ right away
banaabam vta lose sight of h/ suddenly
beshwaabam vta see h/ nearby, be in close view of h/, catch sight of h/
bishkwaabam vta not see h/ any more, have him disappear from view
biigizawaabam vta see h/ indistinctly, have a blurry view of h/
biinzaabam vta look in at or into, peek in at h/
boonaabam vta stop looking at h/
dapaabam vta peek (through an opening) at h/, look through an opening at h/; look through a window at h/
daatagaabam vta look up at h/
debaabam vta have h/ in sight, see h/ at a distance
dibaabam vta inspect, check up on h/ or it (animate), look h/ or it (animate) over
gagiigaabam vta pick out the best of it (animate) by sight
ganawaabam vta look at, watch h/
gezikawaabam vta catch sight of h/, glance at h/
gikaabam vta select, pick h/ using vision
gikinawaabam vta imitate h/; learn by observation of h/
giimaabam vta look in at or into, peek in at h/; spy on h/
giimoozaabam vta look at h/ secretly; spy on h/; peek, peep at h/
gwiinawaabam vta fail to see h/, be unable to see h/
inaabam vta see h/ a certain way as in a dream; have such a dream about h/
ishkaabam vta tire of looking at h/
jiikaabam vta like seeing, enjoy seeing h/ or it (animate); like what you see in h/
maaminonaabam vta notice, catch sight of h/
maanaabam vta have a bad dream about h/; don't like how it looks
mikawaabam vta discover h/ in sight suddenly; spy h/
minwaabam vta like the look of h/
misawaabam vta look with desire at h/, want to have h/ (someone or something seen)
nagazaabam vta be used to the sight of h/
na'aabam vta see h/ clearly, spot h/ right away
nandawaabam vta [S] look for, search for h/ or it (animate)
naagadawaabam vta observe, study h/
naanaagadawaabam vta watch h/ carefully, observe h/
nishkaabam vta glare at, look angrily at h/
onaabam vta choose, select, pick h/ (by sight)
onzaabam vta see, watch h/ from a certain place
wanaabam vta lose sight of h/
wanaabandan vti lose sight of it
zhaabwaabam vta see through h/
zhaagoozaabam vta outstare h/
zegaabam vta have a frightening dream, a scary dream about h/
zhigweyaabam vta aim at h/