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/-aabaawe/ final

s/he or it (animate) is immersed, flooded, saturated
biigwaabaawe vai s/he gets ruined in the water
biinaabaawe vai s/he or it (animate) is washed off clean
biinjijaaneyaabaawe vai s/he gets water in h/ nose
biinjisheyaabaawe vai s/he gets water in h/ ear
dakaabaawe vai s/he gets cold and wet
dakizideyaabaawe vai s/he cools h/ foot or feet in water
dipaabaawe vai s/he or it (animate) is moist, is wet
giikadaabaawe vai s/he is cold from being wet, is cold from being in the rain
mookaabaawe vai s/he comes out, emerges in the rain or flood
mookwaabaawe vai s/he cries from being drenched
ningaabaawe vai it (animate) dissolves
nishkaabaawe vai s/he is angry because of being wet
nookaabaawe vai it (animate) is or gets soft from being in water or the rain
ojiigaabaawe vai it (animate; sheet-like) shrinks in water
onzaamaabaawe vai s/he is too wet, is soaked
oziigininjiiyaabaawe vai h/ hand or finger is wrinkled from being in the water
oziigizideyaabaawe vai h/ foot or toe is wrinkled from being in the water
zhaabwaabaawe vai s/he is soaked through