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/-aa'ogo/ final

s/he is affected by the action of the waves
agwaayaa'ogo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts ashore on the waves
animaa'ogo vai s/he drifts away on the waves
babaamaa'ogo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about or around on the waves
bagamaa'ogo vai s/he arrives drifting on the waves
bimaa'ogo vai s/he drifts along on the waves
biidaa'ogo vai s/he drifts here on the waves
gidaa'ogo vai s/he undergoes wave action
inaa'ogo vai s/he drifts to a certain place on the waves
maadaa'ogo vai s/he drifts off on the waves
naamiwanaa'ogo vai s/he drifts on the waves with the wind at h/ back
ondaa'ogo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts on the waves from a certain place
webaa'ogo vai s/he drifts out, drifts away on the waves