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/-a'w/ final

act on h/ using a tool or medium
adima' vta catch up to, overtake h/ (by boat)
agwa' vta attach it (animate) (using something); sew it (animate) on something
agwana' vta cover h/
agwaabiiga' vta take h/ off the water using something
agwaabii' vta scoop h/ out of the water, take h/ out of the water using something
agwaa' vta take h/ off the water or fire (using something), take h/ out of the pot (using something), dip h/ out
andoojii' vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (using something)
andwaawanga' vta look for h/ in the sand or ashes
aaba' vta undo, untie, unfasten h/ (using something)
aabaabika' vta unlock h/
aabooda'wi vta [NI] turn h/ inside out (using something)
aajinike' vta link arms with h/; hook arms with h/
aaswaakwa' vta support, brace h/ (with something stick-like); prop h/ up
badaka' vta
  1. stick h/ with something sharp, prick h/, use a fork on h/
  2. give h/ an injection, a shot
bagaskidiye' vta slap h/ on the rear
bagaskindibe' vta club h/ on the head
bagaskiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face making a slapping sound
bagone' vta drill h/, make a hole in h/ (using something)
bagwa' vta patch it (animate), mend it (animate) with a patch
bagwa'wi vta [NI] patch it (animate), mend it (animate) with a patch
bagwega' vta make a hole in it (animate; sheet-like) with something
bajiishka' vta pierce, prick h/ or it (animate) (using something); stick h/ (with something sharp), give h/ an injection / shot
baka' vta break or part it (animate; string-like) (using something)
bakite' vta hit, strike h/
bakiteyaakwa' vta hit h/ (something stick-like), hit h/ with a stick
bakobii' vta put h/ into the water (using something)
bakwe' vta take a piece off h/ using something
bana' vta miss h/ (using something)
bapasidiye' vta spank h/
basidiye' vta slap h/ on the rear
basidoone' vta slap h/ on the mouth
basindibe' vta slap h/ on the top of h/ head
basininjii' vta slap h/ on the hand
basiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face
bashanzhe' vta whip h/; punish h/ physically
bawaagone' vta brush snow off h/ using something
bawega' vta brush h/ (as something sheet-like)
bazhiba' vta stab, prick h/; spear h/ (a fish)
baapaaga' vta pat, tap h/
baapaagaakwa' vta knock on h/ (as something stick- or wood like)
baasa' vta crack, shatter h/ (using something)
baashka' vta burst h/ (using something)
baashkaakondibe' vta
baashkijii' vta burst h/ open (using something)
baazhida' vta step over h/ or it (animate)
baazhida'wi vta [NI] step over h/ or it (animate)
bengwa' vta dry h/ (using something)
bikwaagone'wi vta put it (animate) in a snow pile (using something)
bina' vta take h/ down
binaakwe' vta comb h/
bingwa' vta throw sand or ashes at h/
bishagaakwa' vta peel or scrape bark off it (animate) (using something)
bishigwa' vta miss h/ (using something); hit h/ in wrong place (using something)
bita' vta accidentally hit h/ (using something)
biigwa' vta break h/ (using something)
biimaskwa' vta twist, screw h/ (using something)
biimaabika' vta twist h/ (mineral) (using something); wind h/ (a clock)
biina' vta lay or put put h/ or it (animate) in something
biindaabika' vta [BL] bake h/ in an oven
biindoone' vta put h/ inside a boat
biisa' vta chop h/ fine, mince h/
boodaakwe' vta put h/ in the pot (using something); put h/ into a hole
bookwa' vta break h/ or it (animate) in two (using something)
bookwanaka'wi vta [NI] break off the top or tip of it (animate)
dazhwaanikwe'wi vta straighten h/ hair
daashkaabii' vta [RL] part h/ hair, comb a part in h/ hair
diba' vta pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out
diba'wi vta [NI]
diitiba' vta knock h/ down off something (using something)
dooka' vta poke, jab, nudge h/ (using something)
ganika'wi vta [BL] scoop, dip it (animate) out (using something)
gashkaabika' vta lock h/
gawa' vta fell it (animate), chop it (animate) down
gaanda' vta push h/ (using something)
gaasii' vta wipe h/ (using something)
gaashka' vta scrape h/ off something using something
gaashkanagekwa'wi vta scrape the bark from it (animate)
giba' vta stop h/ up; plug, block h/
gibaabowe' vta put a lid on h/
gibaakwa' vta
  1. shut, block h/ (as or as with something stick- or wood-like)
  2. jail, imprison h/
  3. put h/ on lockdown or quarantine
gida'wi vta [NI] remove h/ or it (animate), take h/ or it (animate) off or out (using something)
giziibiiga' vta wash h/ (using something)
giziidoone' vta wipe h/ mouth
gizii' vta wipe h/
giishka' vta chop h/ off
gonzaabii' vta sink h/ (using something)
gwaaba' vta scoop h/ up
gwaashkwe' vta whack, smack h/ (using something)
inikwe'wi vta [NI] steer h/ or it (animate) a certain way
jaka' vta [BL] poke, jab, nudge h/ (using something)
madwe' vta pound on, drum on it (animate)
mazinijiishkiwaga'wi vta make an image in it (animate; mud-like) (using something)
mikoojii' vta [S] find, discover, feel h/ or it (animate) using something
mikwaagone' vta find h/ in the snow (by using something)
miikwa' vta hit h/ dead center with something
mooka' vta dig h/ up, expose h/ (using something)
mookaagone'wi vta [NI] get it (animate) out of the snow (using something)
moona' vta dig h/, dig h/ up
nanaandoojii'wi vta
nandoojii' vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (using something)
naabaakwa' vta pick h/ up with a stick; hold h/ with a stick
naabigwe' vta snare h/ around the neck with a pole and noose
naada' vta go get h/ (on the water)
naadaakwa' vta retrieve it (animate) with a stick or pole
ningobaga' vta cover h/ in leaves
ningozigwa' vta cover h/ with ice
ningwadaawanga' vta cover h/ with sand (using something)
ningwa' vta bury h/
ningwakamiga' vta bury h/ in the ground (using something)
ningwaagone' vta cover h/ with snow (using something)
niima' vta pick h/ up using something; carry h/ using something
niimaakwa' vta pick it (animate) up or hold it (animate) out with something stick-like
niiwana' vta slaughter h/, beat h/ to death
odooskwana'wi vta [NI] elbow h/; nudge h/ with an elbow
ombaakwa' vta raise h/ (as or as with something stick- or wood-like), pry h/ up, jack h/ up
wanawe'wi vta [BL] stir h/
waasikwa' vta polish, shine h/
weba' vta shove h/ away (using something)
zaga' vta fasten h/ (with something); nail h/
zhagashka' vta spread h/ on (using something)
zagaakwa' vta fasten, pin, button h/
zaka' vta set h/ on fire; light h/ (e.g., a pipe)
zhingisaga'wi vta [NI] nail it (animate) on a board, on a fur stretcher
zhishigwa' vta mash, crush h/ (using something)
zhizhoo' vta spread h/ on (using something)
zhiiba'wi vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher
zhiibaakwa' vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher
zhiibiiga' vta stretch h/ (using something)
ziidwaakwa'wi vta brace it with a stick, prop it up with a stick; brace h/ or it (animate) with a stick, prop h/ or it (animate) up with a stick
ziinaakwa' vta wring h/ out (using something stick-like)
ziinaakwa'wi vta wring or pump it (animate) using something stick-like to get liquid out; squeeze liguid of it (animate) using something
zhiiwitaagana' vta salt h/
zhooshkosaga'wi vta smooth it (animate; wood) using something
zhooshkwa' vta smooth h/ (using something)
zhooshkwa'wi vta smooth it (using something); iron it
zhooshkwega' vta iron h/