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/-a'ooN/ final

move h/ or it (animate) by medium, move h/ or it (animate) on the water
agwaa'oozh vta land h/; bring h/ ashore (as a fish)
anima'oozh vta take h/ away by boat
aawada'oozh vta haul h/ by boat
aazhawa'oozh vta take h/ across by boat; ferry h/ across
babaama'oozh vta transport h/ around (especially by boat)
bagama'oozh vta arrive transporting h/ (especially by boat)
baapasa'oozh vta set it (animate; a net) tight
bima'oozh vta take h/ along in a boat; pole h/ along in a boat
biida'oozh vta bring h/ or it (animate) here by boat
desaakwa'oozh vta transport h/ on top of something on the water
giiwe'oozh vta transport h/ home by boat
ina'oozh vta take h/ to a certain place on the water
mooshka'oozh vta add water or other liquid to it (animate)
naada'oozh vta go to get h/ by boat
niminaawa'oozh vta take h/ out into the lake (by paddling, etc.)
onda'oozh vta transport h/ from a certain place [especially in a boat]