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/-a'o/ final

s/he moves by medium, by boat; s/he uses a tool or medium on h/ self
agwaa'o vai s/he lands, comes ashore in a boat
animakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a canoe away
azhe'o vai s/he paddles backwards
aazhawa'o vai s/he goes across by boat; s/he crosses, go across by boat
babaamakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a canoe around
babiikwaanikwe'o vai s/he combs h/ hair in a wave or waves
bazigwa'o vai s/he takes off into the air, takes flight
baashkaawe'o vai s/he hatches
biidakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a boat here
biimaakwa'o vai s/he is buttoned up crooked
biinjidawa'o vai s/he enters a river or bay from a lake in a boat
danwewe'o vai he (partridge) drums in a certain place
daashkaabii'o vai [RL] s/he parts h/ (own) hair, combs a part in h/ (own) hair; s/he has a part in h/ hair
gagiibishe'o vai s/he plugs or covers h/ ears
gakiiwe'o vai s/he paddles over a flooded portage or point
gaandakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a boat
gaasiidoone'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) mouth
gaasiininjii'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands
gaasiizide'o vai s/he wipes h/ feet
gibishe'o vai s/he plugs or covers h/ ear or ears
giziijaane'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) nose
giziingwe'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) face (with something)
giziiyaabide'o vai s/he brushes h/ (own) teeth
giiwe'o vai s/he goes home by boat
gopa'o vai s/he paddles upstream
ina'o vai s/he paddles a certain way or to a certain place
inakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a boat to a certain place
jiigewe'o vai s/he paddles along the shore
madwewe'o vai he (partridge) drums
naadagaame'o vai s/he paddles towards shore
naawewe'o vai he (partridge) is heard drumming in the distance
niminaawa'o vai s/he paddles out from shore
niminaawe'o vai s/he paddles out from shore
ondakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a boat from a certain place
onjishkawa'o vai s/he goes upwind in a boat
zaka'o vai s/he uses a cane
zaagewa'o vai s/he paddles suddenly into view; zaagewa'od
zaagewe'o vai s/he paddles suddenly into view
zaagidawa'o vai s/he goes out of a river or bay into a lake (by boat)
zhegwaabide'o vai s/he picks h/ teeth
zinigwazhe'o vai s/he rubs something on h/ skin