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/-a'/ final

act on it using a tool or medium; sing it
agwa'an vti attach it (using something); sew it on something
agwana'an vti cover it
agwaabiiga'an vti take it off the water using something
agwaabii'an vti scoop it out of the water, take it out of the water using something
agwaa'an vti take it off the water or fire (using something); take it out of the pot (using something)
agwaakwa'an vti nail it up against the wall; post it up
agwaashkiiga'am vai2 s/he comes off a muskeg or swamp
andoojii'an vti [N] feel for it (using something); (try to) find it (using something)
andwaawanga'an vti look for it in the sand or ashes
aabaabika'an vti unlock it
aabooda'an vti turn it inside out (using something)
aaswaakwa'an vti support, brace it (with something stick-like); prop it up
aazhawa'am vai2 s/he crosses, go across by boat
aazhawashkiiga'am vai2 s/he walks across a muskeg or swamp
aazhooningwa'an vti wear it across the shoulder
badaka'an vti stick it (with something sharp), prick it, use a fork on it
bagaskijii'an vti hit it making a slapping noise
bagone'an vti drill it, make a hole in it (using something)
bagozigwa'an vti make a hole in the ice at it
bagwa'an vti patch it, mend it with a patch
bajiishka'an vti pierce, prick it (using something)
baka'an vti break or part it (string-like) (using something)
bakite'an vti hit, strike it
bakobii'an vti put it into the water (using something)
bakwe'an vti take a piece off it using something
bana'an vti miss it (using something)
bashanzhe'an vti whip it
bawa'am vai2 s/he knocks wild rice
bawa'an vti
  1. knock it (with something)
  2. harvest it [wild rice] (with rice knockers)
bawaagone'an vti brush snow off it using something
bawega'an vti brush it using something (as something sheet-like)
bazagwa'an vti glue it, paste it on
bazhiba'an vti stab, prick it
baakaabika'an vti open it with a key
baakaakwa'an vti pry it open (using something stick-like)
baapaaga'an vti pat, tap, beat on it
baapaagaakwa'an vti knock on it (as something stick- or wood-like. e.g., a door)
baapaawa'an vti brush or knock something it off something, brush or knock something off it
baasa'an vti crack, shatter it (using something)
baashka'an vti burst it (using something)
baashkakwa'am vai2 s/he [a thunderer] makes a thunderclap
baashkaawe'am vai2 s/he hatches
baashkijii'an vti burst it open (using something)
baazhida'an vti step over it
bengwa'an vti dry it (using something)
bengwaabika'an vti dry it (mineral or metal) (using something)
bikwaagone'an vti put it in a snow pile (using something)
bina'an vti take it down
binaagone'an vti get snow down off it (using something)
bingwa'an vti throw sand or ashes at it
bishagaakwa'an vti peel or scrape bark off it (using something)
bishigwa'an vti miss it (using something); hit it in wrong place (using something)
bita'an vti accidentally hit it (using something)
biigwa'an vti break, destroy it (using something); tear it down (using something)
biimaskwa'an vti twist, screw it (using something)
biimaskwaakwa'an vti turn it (a log) (using something)
biimaakwa'an vti twist it with a stick, wring it out by twisting it with a stick
biimiskwa'an vti twist, screw it (using something)
biina'an vti lay or put it in something
biinaabika'an vti wipe it (mineral) clean (using something)
biindakade'an vti load it with gunpowder
biindaabika'an vti [BL] bake, roast it in the oven
biindoone'an vti put it inside a boat
biisa'an vti chop it fine, mince it
boodaakwe'an vti put it in the pot (using something)
bookwa'an vti break it in two (using something)
bookwanaka'an vti break off the top or tip of it
dabasa'am vai2 s/he flies low
dagobiiga'an vti wash it with something else
dawaagone'an vti clear the snow off it (with something), shovel the snow off it
desa'an vti prop it up to be a level surface
diba'an vti pay it, pay for it
dibaakwa'an vti measure it (with a stick)
diitiba'an vti knock it down off something (using something)
dooka'an vti poke, jab, tap, nudge it (using something)
gagiiba'an vti seal it up
gagiibaakwa'an vti shut, block, dam each of it (as or as with something stick- or wood-like)
ganika'an vti [BL] scoop, dip it out (using something)
gashkaabika'an vti lock it
gashkaakwa'an vti lock it
gawa'an vti fell it, chop it (something stick-like) down
gaanda'an vti push it (using something)
gaandakii'an vti pole it
gaasii'an vti wipe it (using something)
gaashaabika'an vti sharpen it (as or with something mineral)
gaashka'an vti scrape it off something using something
gaashkisaga'an vti scrape it off the floor
giba'an vti stop it up; plug, block, dam it
gibaabika'an vti close the damper on it
gibaabowe'an vti plug or cover it (liquid or something that holds a liquid), put a lid on it
gibaakwa'an vti shut, block, dam it (as or as with something stick- or wood-like)
gibinde'an vti close it with a cloth or hide door
gibiiga'an vti close, shut it (as something sheet-like: a curtain, drapes, cloth partition)
gichiwaakwa'an vti pin it down, clamp it down
gida'an vti remove it, take it off or out (using something)
giziibiiga'an vti wash it (using something)
gizii'an vti wipe it
giziisaga'an vti mop it (a floor)
giziiyaabika'an vti wipe it (mineral or metal) (using something)
giziiyaakwa'an vti wipe it (stick-like) off
giishka'an vti chop it off
gonzaabii'an vti sink it (using something)
gwaaba'an vti scoop it up; dish it up
ina'am vai2 s/he sings a certain way
ina'an vti sing it a certain way
inikwe'an vti steer it a certain way
inoo'an vti [BL] point to it
iska'an vti take water off it, bail it out
jaka'an vti [BL] poke, jab, tap, nudge it (using something)
jekaakwa'am vai2 s/he goes into the woods
jiigewe'am vai2 s/he paddles along the shore
jiishakamiga'an vti rake it [the ground]
jiishaakwa'an vti scrape it off something using something
madwe'an vti drum on it
mashkawaakwa'an vti tighten it down (with something like nails, screws, clamps, etc.)
mazina'an vti buy it on credit, charge it to an account
mazhii'an vti clear it (land) off, brush it
maada'an vti scrape the hair and fat from it (a skin)
maagwaakwa'an vti press on it with something stick-like; clamp it down
maajii'am vai2 s/he starts to sing
mikoobiiga'an vti find it in the water (using something)
mikoojii'an vti find, discover, feel (the shape of) it using something
mikwaagone'an vti find it in the snow (by using something)
mimigosaga'an vti scrub it (the floor)
miikwa'an vti hit it dead center with something
mooka'am vai2 s/he (the sun) rises = it is sunrise
mooka'an vti dig it up, expose it (using something)
mookaagone'an vti get it out of the snow (using something)
moona'an vti dig it up, expose it (using something)
nanaandoojii'an vti feel around for it (using something)
nandoojii'an vti feel around for it (using something)
naada'an vti go get it by using something, go get it (by boat)
naadaakwa'an vti retrieve it with a pole or stick
niminaaweshkiiga'am vai2 s/he walks out into a muskeg or swamp
ningobaga'an vti cover it in leaves
ningozigwa'an vti cover it with ice
ningwadaawanga'an vti cover it with sand (using something)
ningwa'an vti bury it; cover it with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.)
ningwakamiga'an vti bury it in the ground (using something)
ningwaagone'an vti cover it in with snow (using something)
niibideyaakwa'an vti pin them (inanimate) on a clothesline side-by-side
niima'an vti pick it up using something; carry it using something
niimaakwa'an vti pick it up or hold it out on something stick-like
niisa'an vti lower it (using something); set it (trap) off, snap it (trap)
niisaagone'an vti knock the snow down off it
nooka'an vti soften it (using something)
odooskwana'an vti elbow it
omba'an vti raise it using something
ombaakwa'an vti raise it (as or as with something stick- or wood-like), pry it up, jack it up
ombweyaagama'an vti stir it (liquid) up
wana'am vai2 s/he makes a mistake singing, sings the wrong song
wanawe'an vti [BL] stir it
waasikosaga'an vti polish it [a floor or board] [using something]
waasikwa'an vti polish, shine it
weba'an vti shove it away (using something)
zaga'an vti fasten it (with something); nail it
zhagashka'an vti spread, smear it on (using something)
zagaakwa'an vti fasten, pin, button it
zaka'an vti light, ignite it, set it on fire
zaswe'an vti scatter it (using something)
zaaga'am vai2
  1. s/he goes out, exits
  2. s/he goes to the toilet
zaama'an vti [BL] touch it (using something)
zhegwaakwa'an vti insert it into a tree (using something)
zhishigwa'an vti mash, crush it (using something)
zhizhoo'an vti spread it on (using something)
zhiibiiga'an vti stretch it (using something)
ziidwaakwa'an vti brace it with a stick, prop it up with a stick
ziiga'an vti pour or scoop it out (using something)
zhiiwaagama'an vti [BL] sweeten it (a drink)
zhiiwitaagana'an vti salt it
zhooshkosaga'an vti smooth it (wood) using something
zhooshkwadaawanga'an vti smooth it (sand) (using something)
zhooshkwa'an vti smooth it (using something); iron it
zhooshkwega'an vti iron it