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/-a'amaazo/ final

s/he sings for h/ self
-a' + -amaw + -zo
agwaa'amaazo vai s/he comes ashore singing
anima'amaazo vai s/he goes away singing
aabida'amaazo vai s/he sings constantly
babaama'amaazo vai s/he goes about singing
bagaka'amaazo vai s/he sings clearly
bagama'amaazo vai s/he arrives singing
bima'amaazo vai s/he goes along singing
biida'amaazo vai s/he comes singing
biindige'amaazo vai s/he comes in, goes in singing
boona'amaazo vai s/he stops singing
dadaataba'amaazo vai s/he sings quickly
dana'amaazo vai s/he sings in a certain place
giiwana'amaazo vai s/he sings in a disordered or crazy way
giiwe'amaazo vai s/he goes home singing
ina'amaazo vai s/he goes to a certain place singing, sings to h/ self a certain way
maada'amaazo vai s/he starts singing
minwa'amaazo vai s/he sounds happy singing
opaama'amaazo vai s/he keeps people awake by singing
wana'amaazo vai s/he sings a song the wrong way to h/self
waabana'amaazo vai s/he sings until daylight
zaagida'amaazo vai s/he goes out singing