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zaagizitoon vti2

take it out

Paired with: zaagizi' vta

nzaagizitoon 1s - 0s ind; ninzaagizitoon 1s - 0s ind; nizaagizitoon 1s - 0s ind; ozaagizitoon 3s - 0s ind; zaagizitood 3s - 0 conj; zayaagizitood 3s - 0 ch-conj; zaagizitoon 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /zaagizit-/

Indaga shko zaagizitoon iwe gizh... gizhaabikiziganish.

Why don't you take that old stove out of here?

zaagizitoon /zaagizit-/: /zaagid-/
; /-t/
cause it to be or to act; make it
Reduplicated Form: zaazaagizit