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wiikwaasin vii

it is drawn towards or pulled in by the wind or moving air

wiikwaasin 0s ind; wiikwaasing 0s conj; wiyiikwaasing ch-conj; Stem: /wiikwaasin-/

Giiwedin. Wiikwaasin wii-kisinaag.

There's a north wind. The wind is bring the cold this way.

Wiikwaasinjigan aabajitoon wii-chiishada'igeyan. Wiikwaasinoon gaa-biiwisingin michisag.

Use a vacuum cleaner when you want to sweep up something. Stuff scattered on the floor is sucked up.

wiikwaasin /wiikwaasin-/: /wiikw-/
draw out, pull towards
; /-aasin/
it is blown by the wind or moving air; it flies, soars, sails