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onzaamiinad vii

there is a large amount of it, is too much of it; [plural] there are a large number of them, are too many of them

Paired with: onzaamiino vai

onzaamiinad 0s ind; onzaamiinadoon 0p ind; onzaamiinak 0s conj; onzaamiinakin 0p conj; wenzaamiinak 0s ch-conj; wenzaamiinakin 0p ch-conj; Stem: /onzaamiinad-/

"Onzaamiinad iidog i'iwe manoomin imaa Manoomini-ziibiing," mii 'i gaa-ikidod ni... nimisenh.

There's a lot of rice at Rice River, my sister said.

Onzaamiinadoon miinan omaa zhingwaakokaang.

There's a lot of blueberries in this pine grove.