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onzaamaabikide vii

it (mineral) is too hot

onzaamaabikide 0s ind; onzaamaabikideg 0s conj; wenzaamaabikideg 0s ch-conj; Stem: /onzaamaabikide-/

Gii-paaside waasechigan. Gii-onzaamaabikide.

The window shattered. It got too hot.

Gego izhaaken imaa jiigi-gizhaabikiziganing. Onzaamaabikide onzaam.

Don't go too close to that wood stove. It's kind of overheated.

onzaamaabikide /onzaamaabikide-/: /onzaam-/
too, too much
; /-aabik-/
mineral (inorganic solid: rock, metal, glass)
; /-ide/
it is heated; is affected by fire, the sun, or the moon