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ojaanimakamigizi vai

s/he is busy or occupied in work or activity

Paired with: ojaanimakamigad vii

nindoojaanimakamigiz 1s ind; ojaanimakamigizi 3s ind; ojaanimakamigizid 3s conj; Stem: /ojaanimakamigizi-/

Ojaanimakamigiziwag igiweg wezhiitaawaad. Makadewikonayen owii-pi-waabamigowaan.

Those people getting ready are busy because the priest is coming to see them.

ojaanimakamigizi /ojaanimakamigizi-/: /ojaanim-/
; /-akamig-/
land, ground, landscape; event
; /-izi/
s/he, it (animate) is in a state or condition