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nookijiishkaa vai

it (animate; something bag-like, belly-like) softens, gets soft

Paired with: nookijiishkaa vii

nookijiishkaa 3s ind; nookijiishkaad 3s conj; Stem: /nookijiishkaa-/

Gii'-nookijiishkaani gaa-ditibisenig odaabaaning, mii iwe gaa-onji-bezikaad.

He had a flat tire so that's why he got here late.

nookijiishkaa /nookijiishkaa-/: /nook-/
; /-jii-/
shape of body or torso; something soft and hollow like a body, a bag, or a belly
; /-shkaa/
s/he or it (animate) moves, goes, has happen to h/ or it