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miikoshkoozo vai

s/he is shot, hit right on by a projectile (arrow, bullet)

nimiikoshkooz 1s ind; miikoshkoozo 3s ind; miikoshkoozod 3s conj; maakoshkoozod 3s ch-conj; Stem: /miikoshkoozo-/

Gii-pagamaajimaa gii-miikoshkoozod awe zhimaaganish iwidi endazhiikodaading,

Word was received that that soldier was wounded at the front.

Mii imaa gii-miikoshkoozod naawikaatig.

He got shot in the middle of his brow.

miikoshkoozo /miikoshkoozo-/: /miikw-/
hit on
; /-ishkoozo/
s/he is weighted down, is under pressure, is shot